Dash and crash through Big mini-worlds.

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magic motion steering!

There is an entirely new, magical way to race in Miniacs. Grab control of a unique motion-controlled steering wheel and let your imagination take over. You’ll feel like a puppet-master, a magician, and a racing god—all at once.

Play on the go.

Even if you don’t have the elbow room for full-motion gameplay, you can still use your device gyro to steer.

A Clash of Epic Proportions.

Battle against anybody online and invite your friends directly to join in the race and compete with up to a mob of 4 players. There are always other Miniacs to play and challenge.

Watch out!

Compete in a number of crazy obstacle tracks and race parks that will be instantly familiar, yet somehow bigger than ever.

Unleash your inner miniac.

Miniacs have a style all their own. They also love to upgrade their look and their rides with new objects found and earned along the way. Bottle caps, straws, and erasers take on a new dimension.

Can you earn your own epic style?

Larger than life tracks and obstacles!

Battle, scrap, BRAG or bust.

Miniacs are a scrappy bunch. It’s all about the joy of victory and the thrill of beating your fellow comrades to the finish line. Rank higher and collect tabs along the way. But bragging rights is the real reward.

Get your friends (or enemies) in on a new dimension of fun today in Miniacs.

Miniacs go! anytime, anywhere.

Available now on iPhone or iPad.

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